Friday , 12 August 2022


Located in the South West corner of Rwanda, Nyungwe National Park is an untouched natural rainforest that is filled with exciting biodiversity.

Spread out over 1,020 km2, with 310 bird species, 75 different species of mammals and 13 types of primates, Nyungwe hosts an eco-adventure unlike any other.

Nyungwe Forest is hundreds of thousands years old and is the largest protected high-altitude rainforest in East Africa. This stunning forest is a cool escape from the East African climate, with mist covering the green mountains and lushes hills covering the entire forest. It officially became a national park in 2004 and Rwanda is proud of this green gem. Those who crave an authentic and thrilling nature experience must not miss our Nyungwe forest.

This majestic rainforest is filled with nature and wildlife experiences. Hiking and biking the beautiful terrain, tracking the famous chimpanzees, experiencing the canopy walk, witnessing beautiful birds, relaxing by waterfalls are just a glimpse of activities that Nyungwe offers.

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