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Muhazi is located in the Eastern Province (region) and is located about 39 km East of Kigali.

Muhazi lies on the Northern entrance point for the spectacular Akagera National Park. Lake Muhazi is a long and shallow lake that border the beautiful Akagera with stunning views of the national park, along with leisurely cultural activities that fill your time in Rwanda. Enjoy fish dinners and lively music as you discover the hidden gems that lay within the local towns along this beautiful river.

Muhazi offers a variety of lake tourism products with activities such as birding and fishing. Tourists can have a chance to learn how the locals live, and try farming or fishing with them. Historical sites are also available such as the Protestant Anglican Church, which offers beautiful views of the villages that surround with the famous Inyambo cows in sight.

For those interested in birding, some key species of birds that are found around Muhazi are Spotted-necked Otters, African Fish Eagle, Malachite Kingfishers, Pied Kingfishers, Swamp Fly catchers and many more.

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